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Referrals to Pet Dermatology Clinic:


We appreciate the trust you have in us to care for your clients and their beloved pets, and will do our best to keep that trust.

Referrals are easy, we understand how busy you are, there are no referral forms for you to fill out.  If you are referring a patient to to us at any location, simply have the client call us at 763-210-1177.  Once the client has made an appointment, we will contact you to request records.  The primary veterinarian must call and speak with a dermatologist if they feel a case needs priority scheduling.

If you feel a pet should have skin testing performed, there are certain drugs that interfere with the skin testing results, like steroids and antihistamines.  Please call us if you have any questions about withdrawals of drugs for skin testing.  If a pet cannot be taken off of a medication without flare ups, have the client come for an initial exam and we can discuss what to do.


Referrals are best for the patient in most cases, but some cases must be managed by the primary vet.  For recommendations on how to manage the case, the primary veterinarian can email us photos, test results and the vet consultation form.  There is a fee for this service, and the veterinarian should also charge an additional fee to the client to cover the time spent on the consultation.  We will call the primary vet to discuss the case and provide detailed recommendations. The most common consultations are for chronic/recurrent otitis, atopic dermatitis, dermatophytosis, or consultations about histopathology or culture results.

Continuing Education Credits:


We can provide continuing education credits to area veterinarians.


We can visit your clinic over a lunch hour and provide a 1 CE credit lecture, topics to choose from include:  

  1. Allergic Dermatitis in Dogs- Management and Monitoring

  2. Otitis- Diagnosis and Management


Additionally, we also offer lectures for area veterinary organizations, groomers, or breed clubs.

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